Passion Is Your Fuel

Passion is your fuel. It motivates you to press on. It propels you up the mountain of your dreams and goals. Have a passion for life, for people, for animals, for your causes and your convictions, and you will be nearly unstoppable.

Be a champion for those who have great needs and can’t do anything about it themselves. Speak with passion, teach with passion, lead with passion, love with passion, play with passion, and enjoy with passion. Someone who is passionate is intriguing to watch and to listen to. They are usually energizing to be around. They put great care into each and every detail of what they have passion for.

A passionate musician plays a piece over and over until it is perfection for her and the audience. Each sound is perfectly crafted and resonates purely, hauntingly, and brilliantly. Every song on the album may not be perfect, and sometimes it misses the mark, but we recognize the passion and are moved by the story told, how it was done and perhaps why it was done.

Passion draws people in, and to you. They want to be part of that passion. They want to be motivated as you are. They want to touch that passion, and embrace it. Passion lifts people up to a new level, which they can feel for themselves and from you. Passion encourages and whips new energy into people and projects. Everyone wants to feel passion for something.

When you come to roadblocks in life, your passion is what brings you beyond each and every halt. When there is passion involved, you have a need to move forward, and reach beyond every expectation towards the fulfillment of dreams and goals. If you become stopped in life, and if you have passion for life or for an aspect of your work, dig deep within yourself to find what really motivates and captivates you, and then find brand new aspects of your passion or your love that you had not seen before. You find new doors to open; you gravitate towards other passionate people. You create new paths with your passion and deep desires.

A person who does not have that passion can wallow in the low points of her life, and have great trouble finding the meaning of it. You must give meaning to your own life. You must discover the passions of your life and work. Most times, passions in your life develop slowly. You start by doing things that you enjoy doing: cooking, painting, photography, performing, etc. When you find a certain aspect that you are really enjoying, spend more time doing it. Learn about it, develop your interest and your knack for it, and find ways to become more involved with your hobby or pastime.

When you start to become passionate about something, then you want to spend as much of your time as you can by being in and around it. You want to learn everything that you can about your that aspect. You want to be with other people who have your same interests and passions. Their passion and love fuels your passion. Remember, small things can become big dreams if you are passionate about them. Take care of the small details with the same care and regard as if it were a great big event and you will move up the mountain with a steady sure foot.

Passionate leaders recognize passionate people, and the details of passion, and they hire and promote passionate workers, and create openings for those people. You can be passionate about anything. And remember that anything becomes something to the right person. Small or large, if you are passionate about it, you can see huge results; your passion can take you to great places. You can make your living by doing what you love to do, if someone wants to pay you for what you love to do.

If you can’t find a boss that loves what you do, you can be your own boss. Start your own company if you are passionate enough about what you are doing. Either way, your passion will open a new door. Other people will become aware of your passion and your services. There are many customers out there for your services; you just have to find, target, and market to them.

That is not always easy, and sometimes it is very difficult when you are creating a new niche market. But if you can sustain yourself and grow and develop your client base you will create the flow that you want and need, to lead the life that you desire for yourself.

Many times you cannot do it on your own, and that is when your passion will lead you to a partner or a team with your same passion that can help you. Now you can do it together as a team that is as passionate for your goals as you are. You and they become stronger as you work together. Your goals may change a little bit, but the same underlying passion is still there and is being fed every day by your team. What you thought was impossible on your own has now become a possibility and you are rewarded for it.

Your life, and their lives, begin to be satisfying. It is thrilling when you begin to watch your dreams become realities, and you can all share in the victory together. Now the team has developed a reputation of excellence and passion. You will see that more creative and energetic people are drawn to the team because they like what they are seeing. Because of that, your team will be able to do more than they could before, and do more awesome projects. Your team will be able to scale impossible heights in a very short period of time, and perhaps you will reach the greatest pinnacles of success that you have ever dreamed about.

So have passion, take risks, step out in faith. Live a passionate life, and you will attract other passionate people, and you will fulfill your dreams. Tell yourself “I embrace the fullness of my life.” Do it. You won’t regret a minute of your life that way.


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